Hairstyles for thin hair Hair Care Tips and Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Play “Would you rather” with any fine-haired gal, and if one of the choices is “have thicker hair” (as in, “Would you rather kiss Jason Momoa or have thicker hair?) the heftier hair choice will almost always win. Sparse strands can be difficult to work with, and it’s not easy to find hairstyles that work for finer hair textures. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lackluster hairstyle if you have thin hair. Here are tips and ideas for fine hairstyles from the pros at Matrix.


A short haircut is one of the best strategies for fine hair. The right one—like a cute pixie cut—can give your thin hair loads of body and bounce. Because it’s not weighed down by length, a short haircut will make your locks look fuller, especially if your hairstylist adds some layers to the cut. “The shorter layers help push the longer hair up and out,” explains Matrix Artistic Director Dan Csicsai, “which creates extra body in the short haircut.”

To style and achieve perfect short hairstyles for fine hair, hit your roots with a root-boosting spray, flip your head over and rough dry with your hands and a blow dryer. Don’t worry about brushing your hair—too much brushing or combing can make fine hair go limp. Once your hair is just about dry, spray the ends with a salt-infused beach spray and scrunch the product into your hair with your hands. The salt spray will produce separation and definition and also help to thicken fine hair.

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